Sell Us Your Posters

FFF Movie Posters is currently buying vintage original movie poster collections. We are willing to quickly evaluate your movie poster collection and promptly pay you once we reach an agreement.

You can contact us by phone at 480-429-6800 or by email at to tell us about your movie poster collection. It would be helpful if you could provide us with your telephone number in your email so that we can follow up with you by phone if necessary.

Why Sell Your Posters to Us?

Due to our large inventory and quick turnover rate, we are always interested in purchasing new collections of vintage original movie posters. We are interested in buying both large and small collections, so let us take a look at your collection – whatever the size may be.

We are also an Ebay “Top Rated Seller” which is a reflection of our commitment to treat everyone who does business with us in a fair and professional manner.

Much Faster Payment Compared To Consignment For Auction Or Other Method Of Sale

If we purchase your movie poster collection, you will be paid immediately. This approach also allows you to avoid paying commission fees based on the selling price, and waiting around for months or even years for some of your posters to sell.

What to Expect

When you contact us about selling your original vintage movie poster collection, we will need to gauge the collection’s size, contents and condition of your posters in order to determine how much we can offer you for your collection. If you have a list or a spreadsheet describing your posters, please send it to us. However, even if you do not have an inventory of your collection, just let us know what you can about your collection, and we will work with you to develop a plan to allow us to evaluate your collection.

Extremely Large Movie Poster Collection? We Can Help

In special cases where an extremely large or valuable movie poster collection is involved, we can usually send a qualified representative of FFF Movie Posters to your location to evaluate your collection. If you do sell us your poster collection, we would also transport the posters back, which would save you money on shipping costs.

Contact Us Today

Please call us by phone at 480-429-6800 or email us at to inquire about or begin the process of selling us your original vintage movie poster collection. You will find that our passion for original vintage movie posters, combined experienced in selling movie posters and ability to make top dollar offers for your movie poster collection is why FFF Movie Posters is the ideal place to sell your movie poster collection.