A Fool’s World (aka Mondo Balordo) (1967)

Movie First Released: 1964

Original U.S. One Sheet Movie Poster
27" x 41"
Condition: Fine, Very Good, Folded

Condition Note: Condition: Very Good to Fine. (67 1st Release) Slight edge wear, some fold wear, some fold separation, slight scuffing throughout, slight creasing in corners, color bleed in lower middle section and along bottom border, small tears on left border and top middle border, single-sided, stored folded


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Shocking images from around the world. The sketches are: Strange characters’ gallery, a dwarf singer, bodybuilders, English women in a gymnasium, desert Bedouins, election of a Miss Pullover, Hong Kong nightclub, Japanese photo-models for rent and photo magazines, elephant hunting, an exorcism in India, compulsive smokers, a coca plantation, Chinese houses, the rain miracle, Jehovah Witnesses, the Berlin Wall, the Napoles Wall, smugglers, compulsive lottery players, an eye deficiency, the last of the Valentino clones, southerners’ needs, via Margutta in Rome, luxury pet dogs, similarities between animals, Arab hair-stylists, American natives, a marriage of American natives, macumba session and choir, Romeo and Juliet in Borneo, Jamaican home, a marriage of convenience, Chinese district, German beer-house, mad people, the Marlene cult, Berlin nightclub, Luna Park attractions, a camping for foreign ladies, London by night, clandestine affairs in Rimini, a fake woman tourist, Sicilian men in Copenhaguen, football hooligans, the return of the Italians, the rice epidemic in Tanganica.

Also Featuring the Cast of A Fool’s World (aka Mondo Balordo)