Boeing, Boeing (1965)

Original U.S. One Sheet Movie Poster
27" x 41"
Condition: Near Mint, Very Fine, Folded

Condition Note: (VF-NM) Pinholes on upper left and right corners, in white. Folde separation on center fold, and center fold, lower quarter. Folded


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American playboy Bernard Lawrence has cleverly designed a system using the airline timetables to keep going three affairs with flight stewardesses. However, his life soon starts to descend into a shambles after the arrival of a friend, Robert Reed, and a dreaded change to the flight order, whereby it becomes increasingly difficult to keep his three fiancés apart. Boeing Boeing, the 1965 John Rich airport airline airplane aviation flight attendant hostess sex comedy (“The In Comedy of the Year about Making Out!”; “The Big Comedy of Nineteen-Sexty-Sex!”; “Two nimble young men who juggle airline hostesses! They keep one in the air, one on the ground and one pending”; “Everybody and his favorite body is going-going to Boeing-Boeing. All about two dedicated Airline Hostess Jugglers… adept at keeping one hostess in the air, one on the ground and one pending. From the international stage success!”; “‘They don’t need a housekeeper. They need a scorekeeper!'”; “Based on the play by Marc Camoletti”; “In Hal Wallis’ production Boeing Boeing”) starring Tony Curtis, Jerry Lewis, Dany Saval (“33-22-33”), Christiane Schmidtmer (“40-26-38”), Suzanna Leigh (“34-21-34”), and Thelma Ritter (“?-?-?”)

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