Cast a Long Shadow (1959)

Original U.S. Lobby Card
11" x 14"
Condition: Very Good, Never Folded

Condition Note: Condition: Very Good. (Card 8). Slight edge wear, slight creasing in top right section, scuffing throughout, single-sided and stored flat


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SKU: FFF-32582 Category: Movie Released: 1959 Decade: 1950s


Matt Brown is a penniless drunk who gets into brawls often times.He also plays poker when he has money.During a fight over a poker game, Matt is saved by Chip Donahue, the foreman of the Keenan ranch. Chip tels Matt that old man Jake Keenan died and he left his 87,000 acre ranch and fortune to Matt. Keenan had no family other than his illegitimate son, Matt. While he was alive, old man Keenan never recognized Matt as his son and also treated Matt’s mother very bad. Back at the ranch in Lobos, New Mexico, Matt rekindles his relationship with his former girlfriend, Janet Calvert. They decide to marry, despite her brothers’ reluctance to accept Matt and in spite of Sam Muller’s advances toward Janet.Her brothers would rather see her marry Sam Muller than Matt.When Janet’s mother gives her blessings to Matt, things calm down and a celebration starts.Meanwhile, Chip Donahue the ranch foreman, discovers bank documents in the ranch’s safe.These documents show that old man Jake Keenan was in debt to the bank and his lands and ranch were used as collateral.Because of the non-payment of debt the bank can take over the ranch and lands within a few days.Chip Donahue brings the sad news to Matt and to Matt’s tenants raising their cattle on Matt’s lands.The only solution seems to be the immediate repayment of debt to the bank.The only way Matt and his tenants can raise the money in such a short time is to sell three thousand herd of cattle to market in Santa Fe by the end of the week.But such a long cattle drive in such a short time is no easy task.To make matters worse, Sam Muller and his friends are determined to sabotage Matt’s plans.

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