Desert Pursuit (1952)

Original Black & White Still
8" x 10"
Condition: Very Good, Good, Never Folded

Condition Note: Condition: Good to Very Good. Slight edge wear, some creasing in corners, some scuffing throughout, single-sided, stored flat


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SKU: FFF-46870 Category: Movie Released: 1952 Decade: 1950s


In the mid-late 1800’s camels were imported to various regions of the American southwestern deserts as pack animals and natives from the middle eastern countries came along as drivers and tenders, which is why there are three designated-as “Arab” villains in this American western: Prospector Ford Smith has hit it big and is leaving Nevada for California with his packs of gold. In Carson City, Nevada he meets Mary who has been fired from her job as a faro dealer, and she joins him posing as his wife. From the moment Ford and the girl start their journey they are often threatened by three following Arabs, Hassan, Kafan and Ghazili. Ford and Mary manage to outwit and elude them and finally reach a settlement of California Mission Indians during a Christmas Eve religious ceremony. When the three trailing Arabs arrive, they are received by the awe-struck Indians as reincarnations of the three Bibical wise men. The Arabs quickly take advantage of the situation and try to force Ford to hand over his gold to them as a “gift” offering. Ford, instead, makes a gift of a handful of gold to an old Indian conducting the ceremony. In gratitude the old Indian provides Ford and his “squaw” with a bodyguard for the rest of their journey. The next day, the Arabs try to close in on Ford, Mary and their guard, and the Arabs are killed. When Ford and Mary reach California, they plan to make their marriage arrangement legal.

Also Featuring the Cast of Desert Pursuit