Dragnet (1987)

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Friday and Streebek are assigned to some very strange robberies, like i.e. the stealing of one bat, a 30 feet long snake and the mane of a lion from a zoo. All the latest BAIT magazines were also recently stolen, and some chemichals that when are mixed correctly develops a very deadly gas. All these thefts have one thing in common; visit cards with the word “PAGAN” left at the crime scenes. Solving these crimes, including why plenty of police vehicles have been stolen lately, involves the usual; to drink coffee at strip tease bars, rescue kidnapped virgins from drowning and lose the job. Dragnet, the 1987 Tom Mankiewicz Los Angeles California LAPD detective crime comedy (“Just the Facts.”; “Written by Dan Aykroyd and Alan Zweibel and Tom Mankiewicz”; a spoof/tribute to the classic 1950s/1960s Jack Webb TV series) starring Dan Aykroyd (as Sgt. Joe Friday), Tom Hanks (as Pep Streebeck), Christopher Plummer, Harry Morgan, Alexandra Paul, and Dabney Coleman

Also Featuring the Cast of Dragnet