For The Love of the Game (1999)

Original U.S. One Sheet Advance Movie Poster
27" x 41"
Condition: Fine, Very Good, Rolled

Condition Note: tape tear with missing paper on bottom left border, tear and edge wear on bottom left corner, double sided, tear on bottom right corner, waviness throughout poster, creasing on top left corner, staining across top of poster - stored rolled


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SKU: FFF-10158 Category: Movie Released: 1999 Decade: 1990s


A fairly dark room. small and discreet. Four players, a dealer, poker table, cards, and chips. Everybody continues to study each other’s expression looking for the slightest sign they could find, placing their bets. Tension was felt between two players in the room. History lies between them both. Ben and Jack. Jack, being the most ‘powerful’ one, has his lady, Mia beside him, watching him play. Ben, by himself like the rest of the players, he’s the most relaxed one in the table. Ben keeps winning. On the last hand, Jack, having double pairs, goes all-in to take Ben off but Ben called the raise as he has the straight with him. The money was all he has too, he was confident of the cards in his hands. So again, Ben wins over Jack, it was a big sum of money. Jack got furious, handed over a gun to his lady. She stood up and walks towards Jack and points the gun on his head. He slowly stood up and whispers to Mia, kisses her while looking over to Jack with all the satisfaction that he has. As she lowers her hand, Ben reaches it to grab the gun. This time, it was Ben, pointing the gun at her head.

Also Featuring the Cast of For The Love of the Game