Fort Savage Raiders (1951)

Original U.S. One Sheet Movie Poster
27" x 41"
Condition: Good, Fair, Folded

Condition Note: Condition: Fair to Good. Fold wear, fold separation, tape stains throughout, pinholes throughout, edge wear, single-sided


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SKU: FFF-25374 Category: Movie Released: 1951 Decade: 1950s


Steve Drake/The Durango Kid is commissioned by the Army to track down a band of desperado’s who have escaped from the stockade at Fort Savage. The gang is led by ex-army Captain Craydon who is embittered as he blames the Army for his young son’s death. A pompous young Lieutenant, son of the fort commander Colonel Sutter, is placed in charge of the bandit-chasing group that includes Steve, his pal Smiley and an old scout known as Old Cuss. His conceit and contempt of the civilians nearly leads to disaster.

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