Gang War (1958)

Original U.S. One Sheet Movie Poster
27" x 41"
Condition: Very Fine, Folded

Condition Note: (VF) Pinholes in all four corners, top center, and additional pinholes along entire left and right edges, all in white. Pinholes along center vertical fold. Tape on upper right corner, and along right side. Folded


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SKU: FFF-02076 Category: Movie Released: 1958 Decade: 1950s


Gang War, the 1958 Gene Fowler mobster gang crime thriller (“The mob moved in… the hoods ran wild!… And a city became a Hell in concrete!”; “Murder! Violence! Payoff!”; “From the novel ‘The Hoods Take Over’ by Ovid Demaris”) starring a young Charles Bronson, Kent Taylor, Jennifer Holden, John Doucette and Gloria Henry

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