The Golden Trail (1940)

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Condition: Poor, Never Folded

Condition Note: Condition: Poor. Edge wear, scuffing throughout, heavy staining throughout, pinholes throughout, some creasing in all corners, small tear on bottom right border, single-sided. Stored flat


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The dangerous Ceegareet gang has control of Boom Town. No miner with rich diggings is safe from this murderous gang. Tex Roberts (Tex Ritter) and his pal Slim Hunkafeller (Slim Andrews) strike a pay vein and find themselves marked as the gang’s next victims. The real head of the gang, fearing that Tex will find him out, decides to get him out of the way by planting false evidence against him, and thus diverting attention from himself. As a result, Sheriff Bat Toles (Gene Alsace) jails Tex, but the outlaws are worried he might escape and dynamite the jail. This best laid plan goes awry as Tex, instead of being killed, does escape. Running from the posse, Tex hides in a cave where Bill Rawls (‘Forest Taylor (I)’), a victim of the gang who got away unknown to them. is also hiding as he waits to get revenge. Rawls thinks, as the other miners do, that Tex is gang leader Ceegareet, until Tex persuades him to return to Boom Town. There, Rawls sees the real leader of the killers and identifies him as Prader (Stanley Price), the saloon owner. Rawls also finds his daughter, Chita (Inna Gest), who has been working as a dance hall entertainer while searching for him. Tex rescues Chita and Patsy (Patsy Moran), another entertainer, and roundups up Ceegareet, henchmen Chris (Warner Richmond) and “Morg” Morgan (Chuck Morrison) and the rest of the gang.

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