The Gunman (1952)

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Condition Note: Condition: Very Good. (Card 8). Slight edge wear, some scuffing throughout, slight staining along borders, small tear on bottom middle border and left upper border, creasing in bottom right section, small tear top right border, single-sided. Stored flat


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SKU: FFF-28571 Category: Movie Released: 1952 Decade: 1950s


Dan Forester, a small town New Mexico newspaper editor, spots an outlaw wanted for murder. He sends word to Whip Wilson, a Texas lawman anxious to make an arrest. When Wilson arrives, he discovers the town is ruled by an outlaw gang running a protection racket and the town’s sheriff seemingly unable to cope with the situation. Worse, the local lawman refuses to cooperate with Wilson to bring the fugitive Whip seeks to justice. With Dan’s help, Whip sets out to break-up the outlaw gang and arrest the brains behind the criminal enterprise so he can bring his fugitive back to the Lone Star state to stand trial.

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