Loving You (1957)

Original U.S. Window Card Movie Poster
14" x 22"
Condition: Very Fine, Fine, Folded

Condition Note: Condition: Fine to Very Fine. One previous horizontal fold, but now stored flat. Small staple holes upper left and right edges where a "snipe" was removed. Very faint pencil marks on upper white area. Poster previously folded, but now stored flat


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SKU: FFF-04642 Category: Movie Released: 1957 Decade: 1950s


Deke Rivers is a delivery man who is discovered by publicist Glenda Markle and country-western musician Tex Warner who want to promote the talented newcomer to fame and fortune, giving him every break he deserves. Romantic complications arise as Susan, another singer in the group, offers him devoted admiration as Glenda leads him on with promises of a golden future. Loving You, the 1957 Hal Kanter musical autobiography (on Elvis Presley’s pop ascendancy; ‘From a story [‘Call for Mitch Miller’] by Mary Agnes Thompson’, who was actually Margaret Agnes Thompson) starring Elvis Presley, Lizabeth Scott, Wendell Corey, James Gleason, Ralph Dumke, Paul Smith, Dolores Hart (in 1963, this pretty, young, sexy starlet joined a convent and became a nun and only recently made public appearances!), Ken Becker, and Jana Lund

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