Marjorie Morningstar (1958)

Original U.S. One Sheet Movie Poster
27" x 41"
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Marjorie Morningstar, the 1958 Irving Rapper in-the-theater stage acting romantic melodrama (“From Herman Wouk’s great best-seller… The novel that belongs to the young lovers of today!”; “Your most intimate insight into every girl’s years of temptation… And decision!”; “The night Marjorie confesses her temptations to her mother… ‘Marjorie, take those feelings and put them in the bank. Save them for the man who’ll marry you.'”; “The night Marjorie’s best friend tells her some hard truths about marriage… ‘I married Lou because life only lasts so long. I don’t have a wonderful lover like Noel. If I had, I’d follow him like a dog.'”; “The night Marjorie follows Noel to his apartment — and finds Imogene… ‘I’ve been playing your rules — not touching you, not touching any other girl either… Till Imogene.'”; “The night Marjorie’s Innocence crumbles in Noel’s arms… ‘Noel, I don’t care! Maybe, what I’m doing is wrong. I don’t know — I’m in love!'”; “Their song is ‘A Very Precious Love’ …yours will be too!”; “Everyone warned her about Noel – but she was eighteen…”; “Based upon a novel by Herman Wouk”) starring Gene Kelly, Natalie Wood, Claire Trevor, Ed Wynn, Everett Sloane, Martin Milner (billed as “Marty Milner”), Carolyn Jones (best remembered as Morticia Addams from TV’s “The Addams Family”), George Tobias, Jesse White, Martin Balsam, and Edward Byrnes (best remembered as “Kookie” on the “77 Sunset Strip” TV series)

Also Featuring the Cast of Marjorie Morningstar