Ode to Billy Joe (1976)

Original U.S. Door Panel Movie Poster
20" x 60"
Condition: Fine, Very Good, Folded

Condition Note: Fold wear, some fold separation, slight wrinkling throughout, tears bottom corners with missing paper, tape and tear bottom middle border, edge wear tape left and right middle borders top left fold line as well as top middle border and top right corner, small crease top left corner, slight staining top left border, single-sided


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SKU: FFF-20303 Category: Movie Released: 1976 Decade: 1970s


Billy Joe confesses his love to the lovely Bobbi Lee only to cover his growing fear that he may, in fact, be homosexual. One night, at a barn dance, he gets a little drunk and rather than going with the hired whores, gives into his desires and sexual relations with an unnamed man. The guilt causes him to run away, hide in the woods and eventually confess everything to Bobbi Lee who doesn’t want to believe him only because she was enjoying the forbidden nature of their love. In the end, he cannot accept his sexuality nor can he hide behind Bobbi Lee and that’s why he throws himself off the Tallahachee bridge.

Also Featuring the Cast of Ode to Billy Joe