Popeye (1980)

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Buff sailor-man Popeye arrives in an awkward seaside town called Sweet Haven. There he meets Wimpy, a hamburger-loving man; Olive Oyl, the soon-to-be love of his life; and Bluto, a huge, mean pirate who’s out to make Sweet Haven pay for no good reason. Popeye also discovers his long-lost Pappy in the middle of it all, so with a band of his new friends, Popeye heads off to stop Bluto, and he’s got the power of spinach, which Popeye detests, to butt Bluto right in the mush. Watch as Popeye mops the floor with punks in a burger joint, stops a greedy tax man, takes down a champion boxer, and even finds abandoned baby Swee’ Pea. He’s strong to the finish ’cause he eats his spinach! Popeye, the 1980 Robert Altman Walt Disney fantasy comedy (“Haves a happy holiday wit me an’ Olive!”; “I yam what I yam!”; “Screenplay by Jules Feiffer”; “Music and Lyrics by Harry Nilsson”; a live-action feature adaptation of the classic 1930s comic strip and animated cartoon series by E.C. Segar) starring Robin Williams (“is Popeye”), Shelley Duvall (“is Olive Oyl”), Ray Walston (best remembered as the star of TVs “My Favorite Martian” and “Picket Fences”), Paul Dooley (as Wimpy), Paul L. Smith (as Bluto), Richard Libertini, and Dennis Franz (best remembered as Detective Andy Sipowicz from TV’s “NYPD Blue”)

Also Featuring the Cast of Popeye