The Possession of Joel Delaney (1972)

Original U.S. One Sheet Movie Poster
27" x 41"
Condition: Very Fine, Folded

Condition Note: (VF) Pinholes on upper left and right corners, in white. Some age related discoloration at the lower edge on the center vertical fold. Folded


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The Possession of Joel Delaney, the 1972 Waris Hussein voodoo horror thriller (“If you believe, no explanation is necessary. If you don’t believe, no explanation is possible.”; “Based on the novel by Ramona Stewart”) starring Shirley MacLaine, Miriam Colon, Michael Hordern, Perry King (billed as “Introducing Perry King”), David Elliott, Lise Kohane, Barbara Trentham, Lovelady Powell, and Marita Lindholm

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