The Return of the Rangers (1943)

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Texas Rangers Tex Wyatt “Dave O’Brien (I)’), Jim Steele (James Newill) and Panhandle Perkins Guy Wilkerson) are on their way to Custer and, as they ride through the hills, waiting for Jim to finish his song, they save the life of Anne Miller (Nell O’Day), who is being pursued by rustlers. Not disclosing their identities as Rangers, Jim accepts a job offer on the Miller ranch, while Tex and Panhandle ride on to Custer. Jim and Anne come upon Frank Martin (Glenn Strange), the manager of the Custer Land and Cattle Company, trying to evict a number of old people from their homes. The oldsters are pioneers of the county who had been promised homes for the balance of their lives by the recently-deceased ranch owner. Anne is managing the ranch, pending the arrival of Philip Dobbs (Harry Harvey), the trustee of the estate. Tex, on the way to town, witnesses the hold-up of a buckboard carrying three people; Philip Dobbs, Dr. Robert Vanner Robert Barron) and attorney Bolton (I. Stanford Jolley) Tex fights off the bandits but not before Dobbs has been fatally wounded. Vanner and Bolton accuse Tex of killing Dobbs, and Vanner states that he himself is Dobbs. Tex is jailed, while Vanner, posing as the murdered trustee, makes arrangements to sell the ranch. Things aren’t going all that well for the law-and-order crowd until Panhandle, posing as the new Circuit Judge, frees Tex and then issues an order giving Tex and Jim control of the property until the identity of Dobbs/Vanner can be proven from Denver.

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