The Sisters (1938)

Original Black & White Still
8" x 10"
Condition: Very Fine, Fine, Never Folded

Condition Note: Condition: Fine to Very Fine Slight edge wear, slight creasing in left corners, some scuffing along borders, single-sided


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SKU: FFF-22404 Category: Movie Released: 1938 Decade: 1930s


Sisters Louise Elliott, Helen Elliott and Grace Elliott – the daughters of pharmacist Ned Elliott and his wife Rose Elliott – are considered the most attractive and desirable young women in 1904 Silver Bow, Montana. The eldest Louise is the smart, practical one who is pre-engaged to stuffy Tom Knivel, middle daughter Helen is the one who wants excitement in her life regardless of love, and youngest Grace is the naive one. Louise’s practicality is why it is somewhat of a surprise when she immediately falls in love with newspaper sportswriter and aspiring novelist Frank Medlin, marries him and runs off with him to his home base of San Francisco. Long pursuing him, Helen marries wealthy older Sam Johnson, who she doesn’t love, but who can provide the exciting lifestyle she wants. And Grace, nursing his broken heart, marries Tom. As each sister endures the problems in her marriage – Louise’s whose becomes the most obvious as Frank drowns whatever his problems in life in a bottle of booze, and as Louise is in San Francisco on the fateful date of April 18, 1906 – the other two, and their parents, ultimately want to be there to help if they can.

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