Sky Riders (1976)

Original U.S. One Sheet Style A Movie Poster
27" x 41"
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Robert Culp plays Bracken, whose life seems perfect until his wife Ellen and their children are kidnapped by terrorists one day. After failed attempts to capture them back by the police, Ellen’s ex husband enters the fray and plans his own rescue attempt. James Coburn plays McCabe, Ellen’s ex-husband who hires a crew of professional hang gliders to help him rescue her and the kids from the terrorist’s mountain top lair. Sky Riders, the 1976 Douglas Hickox hang-gliding crime action adventure thriller (“They soared from the skies to stage the most daring rescue ever filmed!”; “Mc Cabe The Adventurer A Soldier-of-Fortune with the most dangerous and heroic rescue scheme of all.”; “Ellen The Mother She and her children were innocent pawns in the terrorists’ deadly plot.”; “Bracken The Husband With everything to lose, he’d do anything to save the ones he loved.”; “Nikolidis The Police Chief Stopping the fiendish plot came first. Saving the hostages was second.”; “Story by Hall T. Sprague”) starring James Coburn, Susannah York, Robert Culp, Charles Aznavour, Harry Andrews, John Beck, and Barbara Trentham

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