Supergirl (1984)

Original U.S. One Sheet Movie Poster
27" x 41"
Condition: Good, Rolled

Condition Note: tear on top right border, tear on middle right border, tear and wrinkling on bottom right corner, scuffing and wrinkling and waviness throughout poster, previously folded, fod wear, fold separation - stored rolled


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SKU: FFF-10487 Category: Movie Released: 1984 Decade: 1980s


After a power source for the community of Krypton survivors is accidentally whisked to earth, Kara-El, cousin to Superman and niece to Jor-El, chooses to go to earth to find it, and bring it back. Upon her arrival, she becomes just a powerful and Super as her cousin, but encounters dangerous battles and unexpected obstacles when a mean spirited woman who practices rituals of the occult takes the power source for herself, and uses it to cause destruction and attempt zenith human status.

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