Walk the Proud Land (1956)

Original U.S. Window Card Movie Poster
14" x 22"
Condition: Fine, Very Good, Folded

Condition Note: (F-VF) Stamped area across the top of the poster, with "SUN & MON stamped there. Previously folded, now stored flat.


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SKU: FFF-04660 Category: Movie Released: 1956 Decade: 1950s


Indian Agent sent to try new approach to peace with Apaches based on respect for automomy rather than submission to Army. Wins over reservation chiefs and the Indian widow (Bancroft) given to him as housekeeper. Through use of diplomacy and demonstrations of faith in Apache leaders, reservation is put on the road to automomy. Conflicts arise between Apache widow and Eastern wife but latter has a lot to learn. Walk the Proud Land, the 1956 Jesse Hibbs Native American Indian cowboy western (“His faith built a fortress in a wilderness of hate…”; “Against the flaming fury of Geronimo… He stood alone!”) starring Audie Murphy (WWII’s most decorated war hero; after Murphy played himself in “To Hell and Back” he went on to a long career in movies, marred by his personal difficulties), Anne Bancroft (as a Native American Indian girl!), Pat Crowley, Charles Drake, Tommy Rall, and Jay Silverheels (best remembered as Tonto from “The Lone Ranger” TV show and movies)

Also Featuring the Cast of Walk the Proud Land