Wings of Eagles (1957)

Original Belgian Movie Poster
17.5" x 25"
Condition: Mint, Near Mint, Folded

Condition Note: Linen backed to NM/MT condition, single side stored rolled

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SKU: FFF-15697 Category: Movie Released: 1957 Decade: 1950s


U.S. Navy pilot Frank ‘Spig’ Wead is a fun-loving and rowdy adventurer, but also a fierce proponent of Naval aviation. His dedication to the promotion of the Navy’s flying program is so intense that his marriage and family life suffer. When an accident paralyzes him, Spig finds a new means of expressing his love of flying: screenwriting. Successful and acclaimed, he finds the U.S. entry into World War II to be an irresistible call. Pleading that he be reinstated in the Navy despite his paralysis, Spig finds he has an enormous contribution yet to make.

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